About The Company :

  Prokaushali Sangsad Limited (PSL) was established in July, 1969 as a consultancy firm with a view to bring together a group of engineers, architects, planners, economists and other professionals to offer services in developmental activities of Bangladesh.

  During the past decades, PSL has satisfactorily rendered consultancy services to a large number of government departments, autonomous bodies, corporations and non-government organizations (NGOs). PSL has successfully undertaken projects funded by different donor agencies such as the World Bank, UNDP, JICA, ODA, ADB etc. and private establishments.

  Experience of PSL include energy, water resources, agriculture and pisciculture, building and structures, urban and regional planning, land use management, architectural projects, industry, . . .

  municipal engineering and other civil works, rural development, management and economics. The firm has highly trained and experienced engineers, architects, planners and other professionals in their employment.

  In the past the firm has provided expert services to a large number of important development projects of the country. Recently the focus has been concentrated in rural energy, renewable energy and environment related projects.

  The firm has always maintained an independent status and provided impartial advice and services to its client. The recognition of this status is evident from innumerable approaches for advice made by the different quarters of government and autonomous bodies as well as from donor organisations working in Bangladesh during the past years.

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